Saturday, 5 March 2016

Poem: Social Media Love

I have a social media boo
She likes everything on Facebook
And Instagram too

All my followers be watching trying to put 2 and 2
I'm liking other pictures just to let them know
Baby I love you too

But my social media boo, she reads errything I do
I put those heart faced smilies on all her posts too
I'm dropping comments like you fine in that dress
And she retweets back with you mo handsome than the rest

I wish sometimes if life could be
As simple as liking something on fleek
Hoping for approval watching who approves who
Can take over the mind and create anxiety too

I wonder tho with my social media boo if in real life
That we could like each other
with touches
with kisses
and dreams that go all night

Love is deep
Love is honest
Social media however is afraid of blemish

Love can happen over a weekend
Love can happen during a dance
even during clumsy dances with two left feet
The touch of two hearts can still find a beat
But social media hides, pretends, it evades
Whereas love, naked raw
Exists in the light with very little shade

So my social media boo I know just isn't true
I may click on a button but it never means
You love me and I love you 

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